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An Explanation of
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 Power tends to corrupt . . .
and absolute power corrupts absolutely 
–  Sir John Dalberg-Acton

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CABLEINCH is an exposé on transgressions principally carried out in central North Carolina against Spencer C. Young, his family and his investment interests.  It is part of an extensive cover-up in the scandal known as "MorganStanleyGate", which began as a relatively pedestrian employment fraud in New York, and transmogrified over time as it crossed state lines into North Carolina.  This scandal is an assault on core American rights, and undermines productive achievement, which creates jobs -- therefore, it has relevance to EVERY U.S. citizen.

 Let's begin by briefly explaining the key elements of "CABLEINCH": 

⇨ Cover-up -- an astonishing number of people engaged in "FRESCA" crimes to create an . . .

⇨ Artifice -- an impression of incompetence by extensive commercial sabotage, and . . .

⇨ Badmouthing -- a smear campaign 60+ false and disparaging articles, thereby setting the stage for grand . . .

⇨ Larceny -- the theft of real estate properties and other assets through unlawful foreclosures involving 20 elements of fraud, and culminating in . . .

⇨ Eviction -- the wrongful eviction (and attempted assassination) by a corruption-laden Orange County Sheriff SWAT team, in a desperate effort to cover-up the filing of a damning . . . 

⇨ Indictment -- of 31 Counts against Paragon Commercial Bank and Poyner & Spruill in what may be the most brazen instance of bank foreclosure fraud ever perpetrated, which was carried out . . .

(in) North Carolina's Heartland -- made possible through widespread corruption in the "Triangle region" of North Carolina, which is so extensive a CABLEINCH Hall of Shame is warranted for proper recognition.

If Banks could foreclose UNCONTESTED on mortgages that were NEVER late, NOT Delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL, no one would borrow, the economy would collapse, as would America as we know it.

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The Sponsors

The primary sponsors of the criminal activities noted herein are Mr. Young's former employer Morgan Stanley and the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis, (collectively the "Sponsors"), who share a long notorious history in obstructing justice and engaging in criminally subversive activities and express efforts to completely destroy the lives of others.  The misdeeds reported throughout this website were carried out to do EXACTLY that as part of a cover-up to the larger scandal known as "MorganStanleygate". 

Other banks with close institutional ties at the senior banker level, who have played significant sponsoring roles at the behest of Morgan Stanley include:

 Wachovia Bank (Now part of Wells Fargo Bank)

. . . who were similarly assisted through the unethical and unlawful acts of attorneys at the law firms of Nelson Mullins and Poyner & Spruill.

The Boards of Directors of each of these banking institutions were advised of the unlawful activities described herein, as were the senior management committees of the law firms involved.  And since NONE responded in any way shape or form, they have each AFFIRMED and ENDORSED these ILLEGAL activities, and have thus exposed their organizations to the associated CRIMINAL and CIVIL consequences.

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The Target &
Collateral Damage

The primary target of the Sponsors' misdeeds has been Spencer C. Young, an accomplished and highly principled financial executive and deeply experienced commercial real estate investor (visit for details), who avidly supports self-actualization.  By targeting Mr. Young with an unfathomable array of assaults, significant collateral damage has resulted . . . the effects of which are gut-wrenching. For example, his once close and loving family has been decimated, and when he tried to begin anew, a series of outrageous bank foreclosure frauds destroyed his new young family. 

This MUST be exposed and those responsible MUST be extricated from their positions of influence . . . otherwise this nonsense will continue to be perpetrated on others. In the matter at hand, the collateral damage has extended to Mr. Young's affiliated real estate investment companies, the communities in which he has resided and invested, his friends, and the extended family Mr. Young has long supported financially -- in some cases for more than two decades, including:
       His elderly mother, who has a heart condition;
        His ex-wife, who has been stricken with pancreatic cancer;
 His three adult sons, who estranged themselves from him in 2008;
        His fiancee', who suffered a nervous breakdown after Paragon's fraudulent foreclosure and wrongful eviction; and
       His toddler son, whom he has not seen since late January 2010.

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A Necessity to Fell Many Goliaths . . .

This matter pits a modern day "David" (i.e. Spencer C. Young) against MANY institutional "Goliaths" (i.e., banks, law firms) who have perpetrated their transgressions in tandem through an astonishing level of unethical and unlawful activities.  These include Morgan Stanley paired up with Kirkland & Ellis; Wachovia (whose banking operations were subsumed by Wells Fargo) paired up with Nelson Mullins; and Paragon Commercial Bank's collaborations with Poyner & Spruill.

As you might expect, this David has NOT fought these battles alone -- for he has has dutifully followed conventional methods by engaging MANY well-respected law firms -- unfortunately, the attorneys who represented Mr. Young and his interests demonstrated the loyalty of a Judas Iscariot.  Then there have been local government officials (some elected, and some appointed), whose actions as fiduciaries have been as trustworthy and supportive of the general public as those of The Rosenbergs.  

There were also commercial real estate property managers, whose actions coincided with those you'd expect from Benedict Arnold.  And numerous third party vendors exhibited behavior reminiscent of Robert Hanssen.  Additionally there have been North Carolina judicial staff who have behaved much like Aldrich Ames, and law enforcement personnel who provided protection from these criminal activities much like you'd expect from Vidkun Quisling.  And even tenants whom this David went out of his way to help engaged in pernicious deceit that was truly mind-boggling to behold (et tu, Brutus?).

. . . With One "Magic Stone"

Yet despite having to face formidable adversaries with virtually unlimited resources, while being debilitated by a variety of traitors, this modern day David EXPECTS to prevail using a weapon his adversaries are NO MATCH for -- The Truth -- which is metaphorically represented by a "Magic Stone" and possessing the capability of fell ALL of the wayward individuals at these Goliaths, who are responsible for this scandal -- in a manner somewhat similar to the "magic bullet" theory in the JFK Assassination.  And its existence came into being when one especially careless tandem of Goliaths (Paragon Commercial Bank and the law firm of Poyner & Spruill) collaborated on a bold FRAUD, intended as the coup de grace to finally vanquish this David, and thereby preserve the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate.  

As they will see, their patently unlawful actions (documented herein and other affiliated websites in painstaking detail) and an underestimation of this David's resolve, will lead to the undoing of many prominent individuals at these firms (and perhaps the firms themselves, since their actions have been affirmed by their respective Board of Directors and Senior Management Committee), as well as the others involved in this tawdry matter.

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