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NC Heartland


North Carolina's Heartland 

Triangle Region Fraught With Corruption

" Corruption is no stranger to North Carolina generally,
nor to the Triangle region specifically; 
in fact it is a long-accepted
 and famous resident. "

 -- An adaptation of a statement attributed to
     Walter Goodman about Washington DC


This section describes the Triangle region of North Carolina, explains the circumstances behind Mr. Young's arrival there, and the level of corruption observed, which he said "made Chicago's rampant depravity during the Prohibition Era look like the inadvertent missteps of choirboys" and going on to add " . . .  and those responsible are certainly no choirboys".  

This region is also home to various "good ole boy" networks which often exert their influence as favors and thus impede productive achievement,  The most notorious network is often referred to as the "Mack Mafia", which includes prominent bankers, attorneys, public officials . . . and even a president of a well-known university.

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The Triangle Region

The world's largest research park is known as Research Triangle Park, which is located in the heart of North Carolina and is vectored by the three anchoring cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, forming a triangle -- hence this region is often simply referred to as "The Triangle."  

This term also refers to the three research universities of North Carolina StateDuke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (a/k/a "UNC"), which are located in each of these cities, respectively.

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College Sports Mecca

Some people consider this region to also be "the college basketball capital of the world", as each of these universities have won the NCAA Men's basketball championships, sometimes taking turns (for instance Duke won in 2010 and UNC won in 2009).  The women's basketball programs have also had history in being legitimate contenders for the national title.  

In men's lacrosse, both Duke and UNC are powerhouses.  Duke won the NCAA Division I championship in 2010, and UNC has been nation champion years earlier, and is always a contender.  And because of this, Mr. Young's three older sons aspired to play here.  Michael and Kevin Young ended up playing for Duke, and as a first team high school All-American, Ryan aspired to attend UNC, with one of his buddies, whom he grew up with, Billy Bitter.

Duke Lacrosse Scandal

Mr. Young played an active role in wisking some of the Duke Men's lacrosse players off-campus when they were receiving death threats, as his son Michael was a player on the team. There was an attempt to frame his son when Durham Police snuck on campus and interrogated him late at night alone in his room, for rumors were swirling that one of the players indicted was one of the few players who never attended the infamous party.  Mr. Young's attorney responded quickly, and was the only attorney allowed to present evidence exonerating his son's involvement before the indictments came down. This was not a coincidence, for there is more to this, which only a thorough MorganStanleyGate investigation will reveal.

UNC President's Ties With Morgan Stanley

Erskine Bowles (who retired as President of UNC on Jan. 1, 2011) has long had deep ties with Morgan Stanley in that: (1) it was his first job out of college; (2) he met his wife, Crandall there; (3) he has long been best friends with Chairman and former CEO, John Mack; (4) he is a member of Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors, having been invited by Mr. Mack to join shortly after Mr. Mack became Morgan Stanley's CEO; and (5) both Messrs. Mack and Bowles have been members of the Board of Directors of  Cousin's Properties, which is redeveloping a commercial property on W. Franklin St. next to Mr. Young's The Courtyard of Chapel Hill redevelopment project.

UNC Athletic Scholarship Mysteriously Evaporates

As the #7 ranked high school lacrosse player in the nation, Mr. Young's son Ryan was highly recruited by UNC.  However, Ryan's scholarship offer evaporated at the last moment for unspecified reasons, which placed him in a lurch, because other top college lacrosse programs had already committed their scholarship monies to others.  It was later learned through Mr. Young's "deep throat" source at Morgan Stanley that UNC President Erskine Bowles exerted his influence to cause Ryan's scholarship to fall through.  

Fortunately for Ryan, the University of Maryland was able to offer him a scholarship, and has had him direct their offense since day one as a freshman.  Ryan became a collegiate All-American, has led the team in assists every year, one of their top scorers every year, and he been a watch-list candidate for the Tewarrton award for the best player in college lacrosse. (Note: this is the equivalent of the Heisman Trophy in college football.)

Corruption Among Bankers

Every one of Mr. Young's real estate properties in North Carolina were foreclosed on through a dastardly orchestrated fraud, which featured a conspired collaboration between Wachovia Bank and Paragon Commercial Bank (on behalf of Morgan Stanley), including: 

 Commercial sabotage;
 Obstruction of justice;
 Denial of legal representation;
 Municipal corruption
⇨  Reneging on financing promised financing; and 
⇨  Fraudulently foreclosing on loans that were NOT in default, NEVER paid late and in one case, PAID-IN-FULL

Corruption Among Attorneys

Corruption Among Public Officials

Other Instances of Corruption