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31 Counts Relating To 
Bank Foreclosure Fraud

" We remain committed to holding accountable any bank . . .
that has violated the law [in the foreclosure process]. "
-- Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary
     (Policy position of the Obama Administration)

Note:  Each of the 31 Counts in this Indictment is matched up with a beautifully endowed woman for TWO IMPORTANT REASONS(1) to promote breast cancer awareness and (2) to ensure each charge in the 31-Count Indictment gets EVERYONE's attention.
Evidencing a disturbing level of corruption, their has been NO MEANINGFUL RESPONSE since its filing on January 29, 2010.  And once we get past the desperately extensive and corrupt efforts to cover this up, the full extent of outrage is justifiably manifested, those responsible will be duly prosecuted, and most importantly, the home and other assets that were stolen will be returned to its rightful owner, Spencer C. Young.

As an added bonus, a relevant video featuring Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard is presented below.  To join the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Movement and donate to the cause, please visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Indictment Filed & Press Release Issued

The 31-Count Indictment filed against banking executives at Paragon Commercial Bank and attorneys at Poyner & Spruill is accessible in its entirety through the denoted hyperlinks.  Those named in the indictment are pictured on the right.  Also included is the concurrently issued press release on the filing.  The criminal charges were filed on January 29, 2010 with the North Carolina Dept. of Justice and issued to numerous Public Officials at the State and local levels ("NC Leadership"), including: Governor Bev Perdue, U.S. Senator Richard Burr, U.S. Senator Kay Hagen, Attorney General Roy Cooper, Congressman Bob Etheridge – 2nd Congressional District, Congressman David Price – 4th Congressional District, Commissioner Joseph Smith – State Banking Commission, District Attorney Tracey Cline – Durham County, District Attorney Colon Willoughby – Wake County, District Attorney Jim Woodall – Orange County, Sheriff Donnie Harrison – Wake County, Sheriff Worth Hill – Durham County and Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass – Orange County.

The press release announcing the filing of the criminal complaint ("Indictment"), and the Indictment in its entirety are accessible by hyper-link below: 
 ⇨  Press Release -- Bank Execs & Attnys Indicted For Fraud -- Jan. 29, 2010

 ⇨  Indictment -- Filed with NC Dept of Justice & NC Leaders on Jan. 29, 2010

⇨  Exhibit I     -- U.S. Senate Committees & Federal Officials Alerted
 Exhibit II    -- Evidence of Victim's Good Faith & Business Acumen
  Exhibit III   -- Evidence of Denial of Due Process
  Exhibit IV  -- Evidence of Perjury in Paragon's Response to Regulators
  Exhibit V   -- Evidence of Relationship Banker's Betrayal
  Exhibit VI  -- A Case of GOOD vs. EVIL
  Exhibit VII  -- Post Redevelopment Value of Collateral Properties
  Exhibit VIII -- Complainant's Expertise in Banking & Mortgages
  Exhibit IX  -- Greed-Laden Incentives to Poyner & Spruill
  Exhibit X   -- Proforma Net Worth of Complainant
  Exhibit XI  -- Evidence of Exemplary Loan Payment History
  Exhibit XII -- Evidence Supporting Each Element of Fraud

(Click here for a listing and details on all 20 elements of fraud)

⇨  Exhibit XIII  -- Explanation of ACH Transactions
⇨  Exhibit XIV  -- Fraud-Based Notice of Eviction
⇨  Exhibit XV   -- Inadvertant Admission of Guilt & Efforts to Retract
⇨  Exhibit XVI  -- Press Release
⇨  Exhibit XVII -- Historical Events Justifying Use of Expletives


Added Bonus

Academy award winning actress Marion Cotillard is featured in the below video touting a unique product that addresses a long overlooked workplace issue that is similarly attention-getting, and relevant to breast cancer awareness.



Criminal Count # 1
 Aiding & Abetting
Fraud, Racketeering,
Extortion, Sabotage,
    Corruption & 
  Unlawful Abuse
    of Authority

Criminal Count # 2
   Negligent Loan 
   Processing and

B15_3.jpg Criminal Count # 3
  Unscrupulous and
  Deceitful Banking

B14_3.jpg Criminal Count # 4
  Bad Faith Actions 
 Intending to Create
       a Default

BabePic (9)_0.JPG

Criminal Count # 5
       of Default

BabePic (11)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 6
Defamatory Actions
    With Malicious

BabePic (13)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 7
   Lender Liability
      for Tortious
 Interference in the
     Operation of
       a Business

BabePic (15)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 8
Tortious Interference
  in the Contractual
  Negotiations with
     Current and
Prospective Tenants

BabePic (16)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 9
      of Debt

BabePic (18)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 10
 Intentional Infliction
 of Economic Duress

B55_2.jpg  Criminal Count # 11 
Wrongful Foreclosures
     Predicated on

B57_0.jpg  Criminal Count # 12 
Intentional Suppression
of Evidence and Denial
of Due Process of Law

BabePic (20)_0.jpg

Criminal Count # 13
   of Real Estate

B6_1.jpg  Criminal Count # 14 
Unauthorized Exercise
of Rights of Ownership
    Over Property
 Belonging to Another

B63_1.jpg Criminal Count # 15
     Unlawful and 
    Conversion of
      Real Estate

B60_0.jpg Criminal Count # 16
    of Real Estate

BabePic (27)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 17
        of Rental

B65_2.jpg Criminal Count # 18
Grand Larceny Theft
     of Funds on

BabePic (38)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 19
    Grand Larceny
         Theft of
      The Pit Stop
       of Durham

B66_2.jpg Criminal Count # 20
Grand Larceny Theft
  of W/S Graham St. 
       Parcel for
   The Courtyard
   of Chapel Hill

BabePic (40)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 21
Grand Larceny Theft 
  of 110 Graham St.
        Parcel for
    The Courtyard
    of Chapel Hill


Criminal Count # 22
   Malicious Intent
   to Inflict Severe 
 Emotional Distress

BabePic (69)_0.JPG Criminal Count # 23
 Breach of Contract

BabePic (76)_0.JPG Criminal Count # 24
  Gross Misrepresen-
   tation and Fraud 
  in the Inducement

BabePic (80)_0.png Criminal Count # 25
  Breach of Duty of 
    Good Faith and 
      Fair Dealing

BabePic (79)_0.png Criminal Count # 26
        Breach of
    Fiduciary Duty

BabePic (78)_0.png Criminal Count # 27
   Malicious Intent
      to Defraud

BabePic (77)_0.jpg Criminal Count # 28
      Violations of 
   Deceptive Trade
     Practices Act

kd1_0.jpg Criminal Count # 29
 Willful Disregard for
Right to Life, Liberty
     & Pursuit of

B80_2.JPG Criminal Count # 30
Grand Larceny Theft
   of Meadowmont
    Village Condo
    of Chapel Hill

day2atbeach 026ER_2.jpg Criminal Count # 31