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And Attempted
Via SWAT Team

Involving Fraudulent Foreclosure, Attempted 
Assassination, Assault, Torture,Wrongful Arrest, 
Unjustified Incarceration & Denial of Fundamental Rights
 Including: Due Process, Miranda, Quiet Enjoyment, 
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

On February 2, 2010, an emotionally frenzied SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team of more than dozen deputies of the Orange County (North Carolina) Sheriff, broke down and shattered the front door of Spencer C. Young's residence in Chapel Hill, brandishing guns aimed at every conceivable part of his body.  

Mr. Young was in a profound state of shock from this UNLAWFUL invasion of privacy and over-the-top assault.  He therefore wisely showed no aggression whatsoever, and obediently raised his hands in the air.  He was quite certain he would have been shot to death by the over-zealous police officers (a common occurrence in North Carolina, which is often not reported) had he not informed them of the following: (1) local ABC News was on the cell phone in his left hand; and (2) he was an iReporter for CNN, and had CNN in New York on the other line.

Police Terrorism

The two videos shown below describe in disturbing detail and reveal first-hand what an utterly terrorizing and deadly experience an attack by a SWAT team truly is.  The first video is a TV News interview featuring the Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland who was (mistakenly?) attacked.  His particular story gained international attention, where he references an assault on an unsuspecting family late at night in Columbia, Missouri.  The second video is a leaked SWAT team helmet camera recording the killing of a Marine veteran with 61 bullets in front of his wife and young son !! 

In the first video two families were:

⇨ wrongfully assaulted;
⇨ denied their fundamental rights as U.S. citizens
⇨ abused by an unjustified assault on their self-dignity
⇨ subjected to the horror of watching their pets needlessly slaughtered; and
⇨ forever scarred emotionally. 

In the second video, the Marine veteran was literally riddled with so many bullets, he became human swiss cheese, and if you listen to the very last delayed shot, it appears to be the close range execution-style head shot noted in the autopsy.  

And this abusive form of home-grown police-state-sponsored terrorism, appears to be readily available for unlawful abuse by ANY unethical attorney or ANY corrupt judge or clerk in the Triangle region of North Carolina -- with no checks and balances in place to protect the general public.  And it is this woefully dangerous situation which made this entirely FRAUD-Based Assault on Spencer C. Young possible.

Videos of Wrongful SWAT Team Raids

FRAUD-Based Assault by  SWAT Team

As horrifying as the assaults on the families in Maryland and Missouri were, they were NOTHING compared to what Spencer C. Young experienced, for in his case, he was subjected to what appeared to be three separate and sequential plans to prevent Mr. Young from pursuing his ever mounting claims in the MorganStanleyGate scandal (including this particular assault).  Plan A entailed Assassination; Plan B involved incarceration (which would also then lead to assassination while in custody, which often occurs); and in the event A & B fail, Plan C, committed to a mental ward, where assassinations staged as accidents can be readily arranged away from public scrutiny, or getting tagged as mentally deranged, so Mr. Young's credibility in his massive civil and damning criminal claims are thoroughly undermined.  The salient events associated with this UNLAWFUL assault, are chronologically (on the same day) presented below in the context of these three plans, which are each then explained in greater detail in the ensuing sections:

Key Events Associated With Plan A: 

Attempted Assassination by Gunshots:  This form of assassination was originally planned; however, Mr. Young was tipped off in advance, and thwarted this plan by making known he had local ABC News on one phone line and CNN on the other line, when the corrupt Orange County NC deputies showed up at his door;

Attempted Assassination via Asystole:  Although he showed no aggression whatsoever, Mr. Young was shot in the heart with a taser prod, and electrocuted relentlessly as he writhed in pain on his living room floor, in an attempt to cause his death via asystole;

Key Events Associated With Plan B:

Wrongful Arrest:  Notwithstanding the aforesaid murder attempts, Mr. Young survived and was arrested on entirely fabricated charges (these were later dropped as they were obviously bogus), pursuant to instructions relayed to Major Charles Blackwood by Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass;

Physical Abuse:  Throughout his ordeal, Mr. Young was subjected to unrelenting physical abuse when he was handcuffed.  The handcuffs were administered in such a way so as to cause severe ongoing pain.  This was accomplished by squeezing them to such a degree that they dug into his skin and substantially cut off blood flow to his hands that made them go numb while his wrists transmitted substantial pain during the many hours he was UNLAWFULLY detained.  Moreover, despite frequent pleas to have them loosened or removed (there is NOTHING he did, nor said which even remotely suggested he posed a physical risk), his requests fell upon deaf ears.  And although he posed no threat whatsoever, the handcuffs were kept on for the duration of his captivity with the woefully corrupt Orange County (NC) Sheriff, Lindy Pendergrass, his right-hand thug (Major Charles Blackwood) and their deputy henchmen.

Emotional Abuse:  Throughout his UNLAWFUL interrogation, Mr. Young was demeaned as he calmly invoked his rights to remain silent and to be represented by legal counsel.  It was apparent the malicious taunts were intended to provoke Mr. Young to lash out so they would have a reason to incarcerate him . . . for this reason, Mr. Young surmised the interrogation was being video taped.

Denied Right to Remain Silent: Although he was never read his Miranda rights, when he was interrogated for hours by Deputy JC Clayton and Magistrate Gregory Stephens, Mr. Young reiterated his invoking the right to remain silent.  This was met with screaming and yelling in an attempt to provoke a response out of Mr. Young.

Denied Right to an Attorney: Despite his insistent inculcated requests to be represented by an attorney, Messrs. Clayton and Stephens ignored Mr. Young's right.  And it wasn't until they had carried out the preponderance of their intimidation tactics during their interrogationthat they finally acquiesced to calling (in their presence via speaker phone) the criminal defense attorney, Mr. Young had requested.  That attorney, Kyle Hall, had represented his eldest son, Michael Young, as a member of the Duke Men's Lacrosse Team when the entirely fabricated scandal erupted on the national scene.  The time between when Mr. Young first requested contacting Mr. Hall and their finally agreeing to call him, it appeared they had surreptitiously called him in advance.  This appeared to be the case because Mr. Hall was uncharacteristically cold and aloof to Mr. Young (polar opposite to what he had previously been), and Mr. Hall oddly refused to represent him altogether.  Mr. Hall also made no effort to contact someone else on Mr. Young's behalf during his obviously desperate time of need.  Pressed for an alternative, Mr. Hall suggested one person, who was unreachable at the time -- what a surprise.  This was a very sloppy and OBVIOUSLY orchestrated ruse, which made a complete mockery of Spencer C. Young's Constitutional rights.

Key Events Associated With Plan C:

Attempted Incarceration "Changling" Style - Unsuccessful at instigating Mr. Young to do or say something to justify incarcerating him, Messrs. Clayton and Stephens appeared to receive instructions to concoct a COMPLETELY FABRICATED basis by which to commit Mr. Young to a mental ward against his will.  Their behavior not only mirrored that which was depicted in the Clint Eastwood directed movie "Changling" starring Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich, they used EXACT SAME LANGUAGE !!, to wit: "Mr. Young poses a threat to himself and others, and shall therefore be remanded to the [UNC hospital] mental ward for observation".  In other words, this was same language regularly used by the Los Angeles Police Dept. for extensive cover-up efforts during a time (roughly 80 years ago) when it was overrun with a stifling level of corruption -- in the movie, the LAPD fraudulently incarcerated a woman whose son was kidnapped, and during the time she was in the mental ward, her son was murdered..

What makes this UNLAWFUL incarceration even more outlandish is that this horrific nightmare was predicated on an entirely FRAUDULENT BANK FORECLOSURE, orchestrated by Paragon Commercial Bank and Poyner & Spruill on Spencer C. Young, and did so . . .. . .on a mortgage loan that was:
⇨ NOT Delinquent . . 
⇨ NEVER Paid Late; and . . .
without question, this was the MOST BRAZENLY FRAUDULENT BANK FORECLOSURE AND WRONGFUL EVICTION EVER perpetrated against an individual.

Why Such an "Over-The-Top" Assault And Use Of A Completely Unnecessary Level of Deadly Force?
Given the level of "firepower" brought to bear against Mr. Young, the following questions might come to mind:

Question # 1:  Was Mr. Young on the FBI's "Most Wanted" List?  Answer ⇨ No

Question # 2:  Was he the leader of a terrorist "sleeper cell", who had been stockpiling weapons of mass destruction?  Answer ⇨ Certainly Not

Question # 3:  Had he just robbed a bank?  Answer ⇨ No, He Did Not

Question # 4:  Was he a notorious pedophile who had just abducted a little girl on her way to school?  Answer ⇨ Obviously Not So 

Question # 5:  Was he an armed and dangerous felon who had just escaped from prison?  Answer ⇨ "No - No - No" to all such outlandish questions.

So why then was such an over-the-top assault carried out on what otherwise appears to be a law-abiding U.S. citizen?  Answer ⇨ It's all part of the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate, most especially, the cover-up of what is perhaps the most brazen and malicious bank foreclosure fraud ever perpetrated . . . in that Paragon Commercial Bank, with the assistance of Poyner & Spruill foreclosed uncontested on mortgage loans that were never delinquent, and in the case of Mr. Young's residence, PAID-IN-FULL !!

If banks were allowed to fraudulently foreclose in this brazen and UNLAWFUL manner, and be able to do so WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE:

⇨ no one would borrow;

⇨ the economy would then collapse; and

⇨ the United States of America would CEASE TO EXIST  

A brief visit to and one of his uplifting blogs titled "What-Is-The-Meaning-And-Purpose-Of-Life" will provide extensive information about Spencer C. Young, the person -- and you would rightfully conclude:  "Whoa, if they could do that to him, they could do it to anybody."

SWAT Teams in Action

Taser Wound - With Notation - 425 x 337.jpg

The Taser Experience

The videos below show the reactions of two individuals being tasered FOR ONLY A FEW SECONDS.  To get a sense of what Spencer C. Young was subjected to at the hands of the Orange County Sheriff's SWAT team (and instigated by the foreclosure fraud carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank and the law firm of Poyner & Spruill), multiply that by 60 -- for Mr. Young was tasered relentlessly for what seemed to be FOR A FEW MINUTES, which was so over-the-top that it became obvious that their intent was to cause his heart to stop (this is called asystole) and represented yet another attempt to assassinate him . . . and get away with doing so.

In addition, those who were tasered in these videos had non-invasive prods clipped onto their clothes in places far away from their heart (e.g., on the thigh of a pant leg).  By comparison, Mr. Young was shot directly in the chest (deliberately targeting his heart) with a pointed arrow prod with a mini fish-hook that pierces clothes and embeds deep beneath the skin, and remains attached to wires leading back to the gun so as to deliver the 50,000 volts of electricity.  The picture above shows Mr. Young's chest wound, hours after he was finally released, following his hours of torture at the hands of Orange County Sheriff.  The severity of the wound is masked by the 50,000 volts which cauterizes the wound. And keep in mind the following:

⇨  Mr. Young offered no resistance whatsoever
⇨  Mr. Young was being wrongfully evicted from his home
⇨ This was a fraudulently orchestrated foreclosure;
⇨ The foreclosure was on a mortgage NOT in default
⇨ The mortgage loan payments were NEVER late,
⇨ The exemplary payments were since inception
⇨ The loan was made five years ago
⇨ Mr. Young let Paragon finance it as a favor 
⇨ Mr. Young was prevented from engaging an attorney
⇨ Without an attorney the foreclosure was UNCONTESTED

Videos of Being Electrocuted by a Taser Gun

Plan A - Orchestrated Assassination

The Orange County Sheriff's SWAT team unlawfully broke down and splintered the front door of Mr. Young's residence and charged at him with an overwhelming display of aggression.  Mortified beyond belief, Mr. Young held his hands held high in the air [editors note: for only a moron would not completely obey his assailants under such conditions -- and Mr. Young is certainly no moron].  And while each officer tried to outdo the other with shouting louder than the next, Mr. Young was told to "lie face down on the floor".  However, as he began to bend down with his hands still in the air, he was hit in the chest (in the area of his heart) with a taser prod shot from a gun.

Writhing in unimaginable pain, with his limbs and head flailing uncontrollably on his living room floor, Mr. Young was screaming to "Stop - Stop - Stop ! !" at a blood-curdling decibel level that  surely made the officers' shouting seem like whispers.  And although he was fully incapacitated from the outset (the taser gun discharges 50,000 volts of electricity), the torture continued on-and-an-and-on, such that it appeared the officers were trying to cause "asystole", a medical term for complete cessation of a heart beat -- resulting in instant death.

And how do you think the police report would read?  Probably something along the lines of an unintended consequence of resisting arrest.  Do you now get the picture?  Wow . . . I'm beginning to . . . for I'm  breaking out in a cold sweat, as the hairs on the back of my head stand up like porcupine needles, and a chilling sensation rushes down my spine.

This obvious attempt by the Orange County Sheriff's SWAT team to assassinate Mr. Young (Plan A) was unsuccessful, in that: (1) they couldn't shoot him because he had alerted two TV news stations (CNN and ABC) of such a plan (he was tipped off earlier about it) and informed the officers outside his door that he had each one on the line of his two cell phone lines; and (2) the extensive and torturous tasering did not result in his death, which is becoming an increasingly common event in both young and old alike.

As you view these videos below, keep in mind, Spencer C. Young was:
⇨ fully cooperative;
⇨ offered no resistance;
⇨ mentally alert and lucid;
⇨ not drunk;
⇨ not under the influence of drugs; but rather . . . 
⇨ a law-abiding U.S. citizen UNLAWFULLY ASSAULTED

Videos of Death by Taser

Plan B - Provoke to Incarcerate in Jail

As the Corrupt Cops were unable to assassinate Mr. Young in a manner they could stage as an accident, or cover-up as a justified use of force, then it was onto Plan B.  This entailed subjecting Mr. Young to extensive physical and emotional abuse while denying his rights to an attorney and to remain silent (a/k/a Miranda rights).  Accordingly, Mr. Young was roughed up and handcuffed with entirely inappropriate manner and with unreasonable force such that the metal cut deep into Mr. Young's wrists.  This caused him tremendous unrelenting pain throughout his ordeal for they were NEVER loosened despite his many pleaded requests -- this was deliberate and malicious torture.  The intent was to provoke Mr. Young to get so angry, that he would do or say something that could justify throwing him in jail.  Mr. Young remained unprovoked.

After being handcuffed in a manner suggesting he was a dangerous repeat felon, Mr. Young was expressly told he was "NOT arrested" and that he would be free to leave in his car with his phone -- and nothing else.  He was reminded more than once that he was "only being detained"-- So as he waited patiently in the stairwell of the bottom floor of his condominium building, and still in considerable pain from the excessively tightened handcuffs, roughly 15 minutes passed as Major Charles Blackwood was on the phone outside requesting further instructions, where Mr. Young overheard Major Blackwood say: "It didn't work, so NOW what should we do with him?"

Upon receiving his directives, Major Blackwood directly contradicted his earlier statements, and informed Mr. Young he was being arrested for "obstructing justice and resisting arrest".  The absurdity of this is obvious, for not only did Mr. Young NOT resist (for he'd have more holes in him than swiss cheese), how could he resist arrest if he was "not under arrest"?  Clearly, this was an UNLAWFUL arrest based on entirely fabricated charges, and predicated on an audacious FRAUD that made a mockery of Mr. Young's rights as a US citizen.  It was apparent the Orange County Sheriff and his deputies BRAZENLY LIE -- for they do NOT try to be consistent, or even remotely convincing.

The Wrong Guy

This travesty also represented an astonishing failure to follow up on the 31-count criminal indictment Mr. Young filed the week prior against the senior executives of Paragon Commercial Bank.  This indictment was based on twenty separate elements of bank foreclosure fraud.  Moreover, the failure to respond by: (1) the NC Dept of Justice (i.e., NC Attorney General Roy Cooper); (2) NC leadership (e.g., Governor Bev Perdue); (3) the FBI (e.g., Director Robert Mueller and Raleigh FBI office head, Maria Jocys); and (4) other Federal officials (e.g., U.S Attorney General Eric Holder) . . . raises a host of other troubling questions, most especially given the circumstances surrounding this matter.

It should be obvious this is was a wrongful assault on the victimized  -- in other words, they went after the wrong guy -- but what makes this so disturbing is that is was done deliberately, pursuant to a pre-meditated plan.
Important Reminders . . . So That The Reprehensible and Bombastic Nature Of This VIOLENT Assault Is Not Overlooked

To appreciate just how horrible this violent and malicious FRAUD-based ASSAULT was, it bears reminding this was:
⇨  VIOLENTLY evicting Mr. Young, his fiancee and toddler son from their home . . .
⇨  Instigated by Paragon Commercial Bank and Poyner & Spruill
⇨  Paragon and Poyner & Spruill were charged with a 31-count indictment
⇨  Paragon and Poyner & Spruill committed 20 elements of FRAUD . . .
⇨  Pertaining to a mortgage that was NEVER late and PAID-IN-FULL by . . .
⇨  The monies Paragon EMBEZZLED from Mr. Young for nearly a year.

Ensuing Abuse & Denial of Rights

After his wrongful arrest, Mr. Young was then physically and emotionally abused (in large part by Major Blackwood, Deputy J. C. Clayton, and Magistrate Gregory Stephens) over a 12 hour period, throughout which he was denied his right to an attorney.  Moreover, Mr. Young was threatened he would be "thrown in jail", if he chose to remain silent.  Importantly, Mr. Young was NEVER read nor otherwise advised of his Miranda rights.
Although he was interrogated under duress by the Magistrate (Gregory Stephens) and Deputy Clayton, Mr. Young reiterated his wish to be represented by legal counsel, which fell on deaf ears -- for example, Magistrate Stephens volunteered a self-described opinion that he was "not very smart" and therefore "unable to do two things at once".  So whenever Mr. Young would speak to request legal representation, Mr. Stephens would turn to his computer screen, indicating he was unable to listen to what Mr. Young had to say.  

It was obvious from the many absurd statements made by Messrs. Stephens and Clayton that they were trying to goad, vex or otherwise coax Mr. Young into doing something that would give them a reason to incarcerate him.  Mr. Young did not respond to this "baiting" -- hence they could not incarcerate him.

Plan C - Commit to Mental Ward

It became obvious that Plan B failed to provoke Mr. Young from doing or saying anything to justify incarcerating him in jail; however, he frequently reminded Messrs. Stephens and Clayton that their actions were unlawful, and that they would eventually be held accountable.  In response, they left the interrogation room to confer privately and receive their further directions.

Upon their return, Magistrate Stephens began tapping away feverishly on his computer.  Denying Mr. Young's request to be released, they next concocted Mr. Young to be "mentally and  emotionally unstable" and "at risk of causing harm to himself or others".   Accordingly, he was told he was being involuntarily remanded to the custody of the psychiatric ward of  UNC Hospital.  He was also told they would hold him for evaluation for at least 72 hours, which he was further informed was standard operating procedure.  This was Plan C, which was to commit Mr. Young for psychiatric evaluation for 72 hours (i.e., 3 days !!) and then concoct an entirely fabricated reason to hold him indefinitely, and arrange an accident that would result in Mr. Young's death.  

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind Mr. Young was also prevented from contacting his now homeless fiancee, who was at work travelling, and in a panic over what to do about their toddler son, who was now also homeless.]

After 10 hours into the ordeal, Mr. Young was finally allowed to make a "very brief" phone call, being forwarned with a statement that was entirely absurd "we can't have you tying up our hospital phone line".  Mr. Young had also been tipped off on this Plan C, and had made arrangements for a renowned New York psychiatrist to attest to Mr. Young's sound mental and emotional state.  It therefore became obvious to the Psychiatrist on call that the assessment of Mr. Young's mental and emotional state by the Magistrate and Orange County Sheriff was a malicious canard.  Accordingly, he was eventually released, albeit not until another inexplicable delay -- "I'm sorry, you can not be released until the attending Emergency Room physician signs off, and he is not around because he is making his rounds" --  meanwhile, Mr. Young was looking right at him through the glass of the psychiatric holding area of the ER.   Mr, Young thought to himself, "Oh my God, the corruption in this matter disturbingly wide-spread!"

Mr. Young was finally released homeless some time after midnight in the midst of a cold driving rain, and access to his car was miles away.