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Those Involved Are
Identified via Nomination
Hall of Shame

" What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know . . . 
it's what we know for sure that just ain't so. "
-- Mark Twain

Wizard of Oz - Perception vs. Reality - 600 x 282.jpg

Perception vs. Reality

Those listed in this section have been nominated ONLY for induction into the CABLEINCH Hall of Shame for a possible association with crimes committed in the COVER-UP of MorganStanleyGate.  Their association may be as a participant, observer or merely an innocent bystander who may have information that would be helpful in the investigation of criminal wrongdoings and/or pursuit of civil claims. To be clear, a nomination means this: Unless their infamous induction is so indicated, they should be presumed innocent of any wrongdoing.  Another way of looking at this is as a checklist of people to speak with to be sure "no rock is left unturned".
As the facts unfold, a determination is made concerning whether the behavior of a nominee determines their actions (or lack thereof) were witting or unwitting.  Those whose behavior was clearly deliberate are inducted pursuant to one of three classifications

   MONSTERS  -- those whose actions were premeditated and "as evil as evil can be";
       THUGS       -- executed transgressions on behalf of a "Monster" while appearing incorrigibly devoid of moral values; and
    COWARDS   -- indirectly involved in misdeeds they knew to be wrong, but were too cowardly to do anything about.  

Notwithstanding the classification of induction, ALL inductees share one common trait . . . they are BOMBASTIC LIARS, and they will no doubt become more so as the "noose of truth" begins to tighten around their necks . . . and it WILL.

The CABLEINCH Hall of Shame represents the ultimate dichotomy between perception and reality.  It is the bright sunlight that exposes the true character of those individuals, and the reality of their ATROCIOUSLY EVIL behavior in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, such that it warrants the distinction of widespread notorious public recognition -- for those who are culpable MUST be disinfected (i.e, removed) from their positions for the protection of the public.  Although most inducted will likely have had no knowledge (by design) of the identity of the underlying sponsors (Morgan Stanley & Kirkland & Ellis) who helped facilitate or otherwise instigate their misdeeds, they are ALL very much aware their acts of aggression or instances of neglected responsibilities were not only morally and ethically wrong, but in many cases, complicitly unlawful.

This Was Not Merely An Illusion . . .
Many of those who have been or will eventually be inducted into The CABLEINCH Hall of Shame are business leaders, long practicing attorneys, senior government officials, and community leaders who may have been considered "pillars of society" by some.  Some have garnered respect and admiration over many years, achieving perceived "success" in their respective fields, such that their honesty and integrity would be normally deemed beyond reproach.  However, as will be revealed by the facts supporting their induction into The CABLEINCH Hall of Shame, the stark reality is that such a lofty perception was a not merely an illusion (akin to pulling back the curtain on The Wizard of Oz). . .but a cataclysmic fraud and an hypocrisy of epic proportion, much like the shocking revelations that played out in the media for Bernie Madoff, Marc Dreier, Elliot Spitzer and Ted Haggard (discussed below) . . . and those who have been (or will be) INDUCTED have nowhere near the lofty reputation each in this "fearsome foursome" had prior to their respective catastrophic downfalls

Pic - Bernie,Marc,Elliot&Ted - 400 x 434.jpg

 . . . But The Realization of Epic Fraud & Hypocrisy

The stories of the four now notorious fraudsters described below revealed how once prominent leaders had long duped virtually everyone into believing they were someone they in fact were NOT:

Business Leaders such as Bernie Madoff - Mr. Madoff was the pioneer of electronic securities trading and is credited in the creation of the NASDAQ stock exchange, serving as its Chairman, and also served on the Board of Governors of the NASD, the self-regulatory arm of the securities industry.  He was viewed as a larger-than-life embodiment of integrity . . . that is until his Ponzi scheme was exposed, revealing he had DEFRAUDED investors in excess of $10 billion.  He was convicted of 11 counts of FRAUD, money laundering, etc, and is in prison, serving what is effectively a life sentence (150 years).

Prominent Attorneys such as Marc Dreier - Mr. Dreier was a pedigreed (Yale University & Harvard Law) attorney who ran a law firm in which he was the sole owner.  Dreier LLP featured a who's who list of celebrity clients, and employed an "all-star team" of lawyers across the country, whom he paid lavish salaries.  His firm was headquartered in NYC on Park Ave. with five offices in major cities spanning the U.S.  His integrity was deemed to be unquestionable.  However, he too engaged in a Ponzi scheme with investors, bilking them out of $400 million.  In 2009, he pleaded guilty to 8 counts of FRAUD, and is also serving a lengthy prison term.

Government Officials such as Elliott Spitzer - Mr. Spitzer was similarly well-educated (Princeton University & Harvard Law School) and served as New York's Attorney General, who prosecuted prostitution rings during his tenure, and had cultivated a reputation for being "upstanding to a fault" and the "consummate family man".  As Governor of New York, his integrity was deemed to be of the highest standard, and there was serious talk of him running for President.  However, in 2008, an FBI sting operation inadvertently stumbled upon him as a frequent patron of a high-priced call girl ring, when he was caught with a 22 year old brunette named Ashley Dupré -- he resigned shortly thereafter.

Community Leaders such as Ted Haggard - Mr. Haggard was a powerful evangelical minister who preached against drug use and homosexuality, and often publicly voiced his vehement opposition to gay marriage.  At the height of his prominence as effectively the "Pope" to all Evangelicals in the U.S., his integrity was widely perceived to be "at the level of Jesus Christ's".  However, in 2006, he was forced to step down as leader of American Evangelicals after the scandal broke about his 3-year gay love affair with a male prostitute, sexual abuse of young male church members and abusive use of methamphetamines.  

Larry the Cable Guy - Been Busier Than A One-Legged . . . 250 x 494.jpg
Hall of Shame
Nominees for Induction

The individuals nominated for induction into The CABLEINCH Hall of Shame are listed in the right column, and are grouped alphabetically by vocation.  Those who have been been inducted are so noted by the category  MONSTERS   THUGS  or  COWARDS  - and their date of induction.  

As noted above, induction is made only after careful consideration and evaluation of  verifiable facts surrounding their actions, which ultimately determines the category (or classification) of induction.  These classifications were chosen because they are readily understood and aptly describe the nature of their actions (or lack thereof). 

To illustrate the scope and magnitude of the Cover-Up involved in the MorganStanleyGate scandal, here's a Headcount Summary by Vocation of those involved in or otherwise may have knowledge of the transgressions (i.e., the Nominees)and those who are, in fact culpable (the Inductees):

  Nominees Inducted as MonstersInducted as Thugs Inducted as Cowards Total Inductees Nominees Pending
 Elected Officials800008
 Former Tenants500005
 Judicial Staff11000011 
 Land Owners300003
 Law Enforcement23000023
 Newspaper Reporters21000021
 Municipal Representatives800008
 Regulatory Officials600006






Rayford K. ("Trip") Adams - Bankruptcy Attorney at Hunter, Higgins, Miles, Elam & Benjamin
Sidney Aldridge - Attorney at Nicholls & Crampton 
James B. ("Jim") Angell - Bankruptcy Attorney at Howard, Stallings, From & Hutson
William ("Bill") Brian - Real Estate Attorney at Kennedy Covington
Daniel ("Dan") Cahill - Attorney at Poyner & Spruill
Andrew Clubok - Attorney at Kirkland & Ellis
John C. Cook - Attorney at Womble Carlyle
Terri Gardner - Attorney for Wachovia Bank at Nelson Mullins
Jane Isern -Attorney at Brown, Carpenter & Isern
Charles M. Ivey III - Bankruptcy Attorney at Ivey, McClellan, Gatton & Talcott
Michael Oritz - Attorney at Oritz & Schick
John A. Northen - Bankruptcy Attorney at Northen & Blue
Bill Matthews - Real Estate Attorney at Womble Carlyle 
Byron Saintsing - Attorney at Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers
Kieran J. Shanahan - Litigation Attorney at Shanahan Law Group
Kevin L. Sink - Bankruptcy Attorney at Nicholls & Crampton
Trawick H. ("Buzzy") Stubbs Jr. - Bankruptcy Attorney at Stubbs & Perdue
Matt Suczynski - Sole Practitioner
David M. Warren - Attorney at Poyner & Spruill


David Booth - Regional President & Relationship Manager at Wachovia Bank
Erskine Bowles - Board Member of Morgan Stanley & Cousins Properties / President of UNC
Pamela Brinkley - Private Banking Relationship Manager at Wachovia Bank
Martin Borden - Senior Vice President at Paragon Commercial Bank
Jack Clayton - Regional President at Wachovia Bank
Matt Davis - Senior Vice President & Chief Credit Officer of Paragon Commercial Bank
Bob Hatley - CEO of Paragon Commercial Bank
Jim Hoose - Credit Administrator at Paragon Commercial Bank
Dick Kovacevich - Chairman of Wells Fargo Bank
John Mack - Chairman of Morgan Stanley / Trustee for Duke University
David Maynard - Vice President at Wachovia Bank
Kelly Rubalcava - Vice President at Wachovia Bank 
Bob Steel - Former CEO of Wachovia / Board Member of Wells Fargo / Chair of Duke Trustees
Michael Story - Senior Vice President at Paragon Commercial Bank
John Stumpf - President & CEO of Wells Fargo Bank


[Note: Those listed below did NOT respond in any manner to the 31-Count Indictment and plea for help on Jan. 29, 2010, nor to the follow-up on Feb. 2, 2010 . . . as a result of their failure to respond, Paragon Commercial Bank, Poyner & Spruill and Orange County followed through on the fraudulent foreclosure, and attempted assassination.  An investigation will determine whether this was yet another instance of corruption, or mere incompetence.]

Max Baucus - Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
Richard Burr - U.S. Senator for North Carolina
Christopher Dodd - Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
Bob Etheridge - Representative of the 2nd Congressional District of North Carolina
Kaye Hagen - U.S. Senator for North Carolina 
Patrick Leahy - Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Bev Perdue - Governor of North Carolina 
David Price - Representative of the 4th Congressional District of North Carolina


Ralph Houston Alexander (a/k/a "Lex Alexander") - Proprietor of 3 Cups Coffee Shop
Carlos Brown - Former Proprietor of Whipz n Chainz and 54 West
Hich Elbetri - Proprietor of SandwHich
Jamal Haddad - Founder / CEO & Franchisor of Baba Ghannouj Restaurants
Meg Thomas - Proprietor of The Stock Exchange


Catharine Caruthers - Bankruptcy Judge in the Middle District of North Carolina
Roy Cooper - Attorney General for the State of North Carolina
Tracy Cline - District Attorney for Durham County, NC
Carl Fox - Court Judge for Wake County,NC
Eric Holder - Attorney General for the United States of America
L.Q. Labarre - Replacement Superior Court Judge for NC
James Stanford - Court Clerk for Orange County, NC
Donald Stephens - Court Judge for Wake County, NC
Gregory Stephens - Magistrate for Orange County, NC
Ron Svaty - Court Judge for Barton County, KS
Colon Willoughby - District Attorney for Wake County, NC


Pleezy Harbor ("PH") Craig Jr.
Ralph Pendergraft 
Joseph ("Joe") Riddle Jr. 


Officer Barfield - Investigator in the Durham City Police Dept.
Charles Blackwood - Major/Deputy Sheriff of Orange County
Ed Brooks - Sergeant for the Chapel Hill Police
Officer Clayton - Sergeant in the Durham City Police Dept.
J.C. Clayton - Deputy Sheriff of Orange County
Officer Deloach - Patrolman in the Durham City Police Dept.
Winston Forbes - Assistant Chief of the Durham City Police Dept.
Officer Heim - Patrolwoman in the Durham City Police Dept.
Danny Lloyd - Officer for the Chapel Hill Police
Donnie Harrison - Sheriff of Wake County 
Sheriff Worth Hill - Sheriff of Durham County
Agent Houston - Field Agent in the Charlotte Office of the FBI
Maria Jocys - Head of the Raleigh Office of the FBI
Jose Lopez - Chief of the Durham City Police
Steve Mihaich - Assistent Chief of the Durham City Police Dept.
Robert Mueller - Director of the FBI
Lindy Pendergrass - Sheriff of Orange County
David Picard - Field Agent in the Raleigh Office of the FBI
Officer Silla - Patrolman in the Durham City Police Dept.
Stacey Summerville - Sergeant in the Durham City Police Force
John Spears - Field Agent in the Raleigh Office of the FBI
Ray Taylor - Captain in the Durham City Police Force
Corporal Tyler - Investigator in the Durham City Police 


Whitney Baker - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Gregory Childress - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill News and The News & Observer
Catharine Coley - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Seth Crawford - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Jesse James DeConto - Staff Reporter for The News & Observer and Chapel Hill News
Daniel Goldberg - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill Herald Newspaper
Dave Hart - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill News
Sarah LaMorte - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Rose Anna Laudicina - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Sarah Morayati - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Patrick O'Donell - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Thomas Pearce - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Dave Pearson - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Jay Price - Staff Reporter for The News & Observer and Chapel Hill News
Jessica Rocha - Staff Reporter for The News & Observer and Chapel Hill News
Max Rose - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Mark Schultz - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill News
Samuel Spies - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill News
Beth Velliquette - Staff Reporter for The Chapel Hill Herald Newspaper
Greg Whitehead - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel
Dioni L. Wise - Staff Reporter for The Daily Tar Heel


Maggie Bowers - Staff Employee for The Town of Chapel Hill
Kevin Foy - Former Mayor of the Town of Chapel Hill
Terri Gail - In-house Attorney for the Chapel Hill Police Department
Ralph Karpinos - Town Attorney for The Town of Chapel Hill
Aaron Nelson - Executive Director of The Chapel Hill / Carrboro Chamber of Commerce
Gene Poveromo - Planning Dept. Staff Member for The Town of Chapel Hill
Roger Stancil - Town Manager for The Town of Chapel Hill
Bill Strom - Former Mayor Pro Tem of The Town of Chapel Hill


Sheila Bair - Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Ben Bernanke - Head of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Luella Crane - Head of the North Carolina State Bar
Timothy Geithner  - Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
Mary Schapiro - Head of the Securities & Exchange Commission
Joseph Smith - State Banking Commissioner for North Carolina


Denise Battle - Customer Service Representative at OWASA
Marjean Benton - Former Controller at Hunter & Associates
Nick Brown - Leasing Agent at Hunter & Associates
Dave Colwell - Director of Marketing at The Resolute Building Co.
John Earl - Proprietor at Village Plumbing
Alexandra Davis - Supervisor at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Kathy Decker - Property Manager at York Properties
Sam DiFranco - CEO of Triangle Commercial Real Estate
Lamont Farmer - President at York Properties
Camille French - Crown Asset Management
John Gist - CEO of Benjamin Construction
Beth Glover - Accountant of Hunter & Associates
Sheldon Griffin - Property Manager at York Properties
Neal Hogan -  Waste Management of the Carolinas
Banks Hunter - CEO of Hunter & Associates
Candy King - Accountant at York Properties
Mary Langdon - Hunter & Associates
Brandon Mangum - Harlan Laws Signs
Kelly Mann - Patient Relations Administrator at UNC Hospitals
Kim Ortenzio - Accountant at Hunter & Associates
Jim Phillips - TsunaOne Advertising
Jo Roberson - Tax Administrator for Orange County (NC)
Craig Robertson - Waste Management of the Carolinas
Jane Showerman - Customer Service Representative at OWASA
David Steiner - CEO of Waste Management
David Stephens - Property Manager at Hunter & Associates
Ty Thomas - Leasing Agent at Hunter & Associates
Kim Vrana - Vice President of The Resolute Building Company
Jonathan Wolk - Principal at Centrepoint Architecture
Terrill Wipper - Former Property Manager at Hunter & Associates and later of Wipper & Co.
Bobby Wright - Proprietor of Wright Electrical & Mechanical & Blue Hill Services
George York - President of York Properties
Smedes York - CEO of York Properties