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The elements that comprise "CABLEINCH" and their role in the cover-up of the "MorganStanleyGate" are reviewed here. 

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The "C" in CABLEINCH pertains to those responsible for perpetrating the crimes carried out in North Carolina as Cover-up in the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  Historical context is provided for the stark dichotomy between perception and reality of those involved in the astonishing array of misdeeds carried out.  This section contains a listing of all nominees considered for induction into The CABLEINCH Hall of Shame in one of three categories: Monsters; Thugs; or Cowards.  Those inducted are so noted. 

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The "A" in CABLEINCH is the artificial impression (or "Artifice") that Spencer C. Young had suddenly become stupendously incompetent after more than two-decades of successful real estate investing and an auspicious Wall St. career in real estate investment banking.  This canard was cultivated through a mind-boggling array of commercial sabotage, which is covered in this section.

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The "B" in CABLEINCH relates to Badmouthing, which was manifested with a predominately written Smear Campaign designed by the New York office of Burson Marsteller on behalf of Morgan Stanley and executed in an "over-the-top" fashion by local newspapers.  This section analyzes the more than 60 false and disparaging articles written about Spencer C. Young and measures how bombastic the lies are with the CABLEINCH Manure Meter, while revealing "The Truth" in each instance.



The "L" in CABLEINCH is indicative of the grand Larceny carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank through fraudulent foreclosures.  This section reviews the 20 Elements of Fraud perpetrated against Spencer C. Young and his real estate interests in North Carolina. The Elements of Fraud are each matched up with beautiful, well-endowed woman in order to: (1) promote breast cancer awareness; and (2) to ensure the Elements of Fraud get EVERYONE's attention.  Wachovia Bank's role in the fraudulent foreclosures are also addressed.  



The "E" in CABLEINCH covers the last phase of the foreclosure fraud, manifesting as a forcible Eviction by a corruption-laden Orange Country (North Carolina) Sheriff SWAT team comprised of over a dozen police officers, who tasered, tortured and attempted to assassinate Spencer C. Young in order to silence him on MorganStanleyGate. -- failing that, they attempted to have him committed to a mental ward, ala Changling style.   NOTE:  This wrongful eviction rendered Mr. Young, his fianceé, and his toddler son homeless . . . and it was on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and paid-in-full! 



The letter "I" in CABLEINCH represents the 31-Count Indictment filed by Spencer C. Young on January 29, 2010 with the North Carolina Dept. of Justice against  Paragon Commercial Bank, the law firm of Poyner & Spruill.  As was done for the associated Elements of Fraud, each of the Charges are matched up with a beautifully endowed woman in order to: (1) to promote breast cancer awareness; and (2) to ensure each charge in the 31-Count Indictment gets EVERYONE's attention.

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NC Heartland

The "NCH" in CABLEINCH  stands for North Carolina's Heartland, defined as the Triangle Region of North Carolina, represented by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.  And it is in this area where instances of widespread corruption were observed, and summarized in this section.

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This section contains a summary of affiliated websites and links to those sites.

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Next Steps

Where do we go from here?  This section addresses precisely that.